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Tax Credit

Support North Phoenix Preparatory Academy

What is the Tax Credit drive?

The Arizona Public School Tax Credit is a unique state program that allows Arizona taxpayers to contribute to our extra-curricular programs and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state taxes. Married couples can donate up to $400 and single filers can donate up to $200 and receive the full credit from their state tax liability.

What does it support?

Tax Credit contributions support the extra-curricular programs at North Phoenix Prep. Community support through a successful Tax Credit drive at North Phoenix Prep will ensure that we are able to provide a vibrant, competitive extra-curricular program for our students.

Who can participate?

Every family can take advantage of the Arizona Public School Tax Credit and support North Phoenix Prep. Many families choose to contribute in November and December, but any Tax Credit contribution made in the 2012 calendar year will receive the dollar-for dollar credit. Any Arizona taxpayer is eligible to take the credit. We ask every family to donate their Tax Credit to North Phoenix Prep and invite their extended network of friends and family to do the same.

Give Now: Click here to make your Tax Credit securely online.

Future Payment Date: Click here to schedule a future payment date for your Tax Credit.

Pledge Form: Download the Tax Credit Form to mail in here.

Note: When taking the credit you may not also take it as a deduction on your state income taxes. You may take it as a normal charitable deduction on your federal taxes.